Dr. Eberhard Birk

Born in 1967, Oberregierungsrat, Lt.Col (reserve); 1987-93 contract with MoD as soldier; 1993-97: studied history and political science at the University of Augsburg; 1995-99 scholarship of the German Student and Alumni Support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation; 1999 Doctor of Philosophy, dissertation topic: „The Functional Change of the Western European Union in the European Integration Process“; since July 2000 lecturer for military history and political science at the Officers’ School of the Airforce in Fürstenfeldbruck. Numerous articles on German military history in the European context, on matters of tradition, strategy and security policy (essays in the Austrian Military Journal: on Marathon, Alexander, Hannibal, Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, Oranian military reform, Battle of Leuthen, linear tactics, Napoleon, Radetzky, Moltke and Königgrätz, Douhet, European tradition); current publications: How Frederick became “The Great“. Eine kleine Militärgeschichte des Siebenjährigen Krieges 1756 bis 1763 [A Small Military History of the Seven Years War], edited together with Thorsten Loch and Peter Popp, Freiburg 2012; Tradition für die Bundeswehr [Tradition for the Bundeswehr. Neue Aspekte einer alten Debatte [Tradition for the Bundeswehr. New Aspects of an Old Debate], edited together with Winfried Heinemann and Sven Lange, Berlin 2012;  and Die Luftwaffe zwischen Politik und Technik [The Airforce Between Politics and Technology], edited together with Heiner Möllers and Wolfgang Schmidt (= Schriften zur Geschichte der Deutschen Luftwaffe, vol. 2), Berlin 2012.