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Russian activity in Ukraine and the rest of the world has been extensive. In response to Russian actions not only Poland and Ukraine, but also NATO and EU should have made efforts to combat deceitful propaganda and should have conducted widespread information actions, especially since the West did a little to stop Russian information warfare. It should be stressed that Ukrainians, for a long time, did not handle its enemy’s informational actions. But after some time they started their own campaigns targeted mainly at raising awareness among Western societies and authorities about the risks coming from aggressive Russia. Ukrainians tried also to get the support for their actions. As a part of campaign showing the real Russian engagement (equipment, forces, money) in anti-Ukrainian operations Ukrainians prepared whistleblowing content by publishing pictures of so called „little green men”, soldiers, equipment. All these measures were taken in order not only to show Russian engagement in Ukraine, but also to psychologically affect Russian soldiers’ and their families’ morale. Exposing their names and addresses was the clear message: you are fighting against us and we know who you are and where you live, we will find you. Ukraine has been improving its techniques of combating Russian psych-informational activities. However on its own it might be difficult. Poland and Ukraine should carry out joint actions but with permanent EU and NATO engagement. Russian militarism should be treated as a real danger to rest of Europe. Hybrid tools have become the fantastic means to conduct aggressive policy and it should be envisaged that in the next years Russian will intensify its efforts in the area of psycho-informational war against West. We shouldn’t ignore it because it cannot be excluded that the situation would be more intense. It is necessary to adjust the security system to new challenges and it is needed to amend the current military strategies capable to counter new threats. We are witnesses of slow transformation in strategic concepts. Realizing the power of the new tools in conducting conflicts is the basis to start adapting all system solutions to new era of threats.


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