Dynamic Protection

Embracive Leadership within the framework of experimental capabilities development of land forces

Peter Hofer


The Land Forces Command considers capabilities development to be a task of priority. From the analyses for the SCHUTZ 2018 Exercise a portfolio of capabilities and methods has been developed which has well proved within the framework of developing a military contribution to an overall national strategy against hybrid threats. This Embracive Leadership model is characterized by a high degree of flexibility aiming at understanding given situations in their profoundness. This kind of “embracing” the environment requires experienced leader characters who are able to specifically put into effect their capabilities in a comprehensive environment. The definitions of the comprehensive approach are manifold, but basically they can be summarised to the following definition: the comprehensive approach is a traditional pattern of those permanently necessary activities which join us with other actors within the paradox environment we call comprehensive environment. Experts in Embracive Leadership command personnel management under extreme conditions, can apprehend the strategic and political environment, can identify the interfaces with other actors in the comprehensive environment, and can adapt the efforts of the own organisation in the best way as well as for a long time, thus guaranteeing sustainable success. Experimental capabilities development represents a decisive contribution to adapting the performance of the Land Forces to the expectable requirements. By regarding the balance of resistance and adaptability optimal resilience can be achieved, so that after the occurrence of critical incidents the original effectiveness can be restored, and even upgraded, as quickly as possible. The Embracive Leadership model has proven to be a very well suitable model for understanding the paradox environment; it supports the identification of necessary capabilities as well as their optimal tuning for the environment. Interaction with the actors of the environment has also changed due to the appliance of the Embracive Leadership model. Naturally, a better understanding of the actors concerning the structure of their partner organisations leads to an optimisation of their cooperation, and in the end every single partner will profit by it. Last but not least, the Land Forces Command comes up to the responsibility towards its personnel, to prepare them in the best possible way for all eventualities, so that they return as most safe as sound as possible from mission.