Johann Lattacher


The Ten Commandments

1. You (the member states) shall build your entire action on a solid strategic foundation.

2. You (the member states) shall not only think nationally, but also regionally, and above all for Europe.

3. You (the member states), the EU and NATO shall love your neighbour “transatlantically”.

4. You (the member states) shall create the necessary structures and capabilities.

5. You (above all, the member states) shall foster the European armaments industry founded on common and consolidated demand.

6. You (the EU and/or the member states in the framework of CSDP) shall let others know when you do good.

7. You (the EU-institutions and the member states) shall make use of the possibilities of the Lisbon Treaty.

8. You (the European Foreign Service and, above all, the High Representatives) shall show strong leadership and take initiatives.

9. You (the EU and the member states) shall build your core competence (comprehensive approach) on a solid conceptual foundation.

10. You (the member states) shall not two-time.

These suggestions are supposed to make a contribution to the discussion (as the European Defence Council approaches) on the further development of the JSDP. Higher political elements of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), however, are partly dealt with as well. The selection and wording of the Ten Commandments was basically done subjectively, i.e. they are based on the author’s personal experiences made in the course of his dealings with the CSDP. Apart from partially pragmatic approaches (e.g. obviously existing deficits concerning the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty), he also tries to incorporate more radical approaches into his essay. The presented suggestions emphasize military elements while partially taking the requirements of the Comprehensive Approach into account.