Dr. Gerhard P. Groß

Born in 1958, Colonel, 1978-1983 studied history and political science at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz; re-enlistment in the Bundeswehr; 1984-1988 3rd Coy INBN 740 in Mainz; 1988 Doctor of Philosophy at Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz on the topic of “the Maritime Warfare of the Imperial Navy in 1918”; 1988-1996 lecturer on military history at the Officers School of the Army in Hannover; 1996-2003 Section Head Historical Education at the Military Historic Research Centre in Potsdam; 2003-2009 Project Head “World War I” in the field of research “Era of the World Wars”; April 2009 to 2012 Section Head “Military History of the GDR in the Alliance”; since January 2013 Section Head “German Military History after 1945”; numerous publications on the German military history, among others: Myth and Reality. History of the Operational Thinking in the German Army from Moltke the Elder to Heusinger, Paderborn 2012 (= Era of the World Wars, 9); Prussia. Rise and Fall of a Superpower (together with Michael Epkenhans and Burkhard Köster), Stuttgart 2011; At the Edge of Europe? The Balkans - Area and Population as Fields of Effect of Military Power, edited together with Bernhard Chiari, München 2009; The Schlieffen Plan. Analyses and Documents (edited together with Hans Ehlert and Michael Epkenhans) Paderborn 2006 (= Era of the World Wars, 2); The Forgotten Front – the East 1914/15. Events, Effect, Aftereffect. Paderborn 2006 (= Era of the World Wars, 1); The Military and the Departure into the Modern Age 1860-1890. Armies, Navies and the Change of Politics, the Society and the Economy in Europe, the USA and Japan (edited together with Michael Epkenhans), Munich 2003; Command Thinking in European and North American Armed Forces in the 19th and 20th centuries. Hamburg 2001; End of War 1918. Events, Effect, Aftereffect (edited together with Jörg Duppler) Munich 1999.